More Than Anything in the World - K.S. Mueller
Possibly the largest existing collection of love letters written during World War II 


MTAITW stands for "More Than Anything In The World" and is the abbreviation my parents began to use in 1943 at the end of their letters.  The "code" stuck, and endured, for they signed every birthday card, anniversary card, Christmas card and any other written letters they wrote to each other from then on with MTAITW.  

Displayed here (to the left under the tab marked 1942-1943 and the tab marked 1944) are the exact letters they wrote to each other between 1942 - 1943 when my father was stationed at various locations during his service in WWII in the U.S. Army.  For the purposes of historical integrity, few edits and corrections have been made.  Spelling and grammatical errors are, for the most part, theirs.

These documents are copyright protected.

A print version of Volume 1 1942-1943 is available on in paperback or e-format.  Volumes 1944 and 1945 will be available in print and e-format in the near future.

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